Real Life Invisibility Shield | OT34

  • Ajoutée 17 juin 2022
  • Overtime is BACK!!! Real life invisibility shield in Cool Not Cool, and a WILD Top Ten!
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Commentaires • 10 969

  • Dude Perfect

    👏🏼TOUR TIX! Which city are you coming to?

  • Thebeast470

    Let me start by saying I love this series. I’ve watched every episode on release day and rewatched them countless times. But man, these past few episodes have been disappointing. One of my favorite parts has always been the banter. This episode is a perfect example. Everything has been cut down so much. It feels like i’m watching on 2x speed. I really hope they go back to the old relaxed formula. Now it just feels like they’re getting it over with instead of enjoying their time on set. In the end it’s their show and they can run it how they like. I’ll keep watching but it just leaves me missing the older episodes

  • loiny zen
    loiny zen  +822

    3 things 1. I love dp and overtime 2. EVERYONE agrees that we need a new host for top 10 3. I miss the old overtime, with longer episodes and more relaxed conversation.

  • Giant Cyan Dart

    I love this series down to the bottom of my core. One of my favorite things to do when watching this channel is shuffle the OT Playlist. However, The last 4 episodes have really stunk. They’re not bad, just disappointing, especially compared to the other 30 OT’s. I was really looking forward to OT 31 as it was another opposite edition. It was so disappointing, from changing get uncrafty to get destructive, to not even including the intro, to being way too quick. If we could get the longer and more spaced out OT’s back, that would be great. That’s all we want as the DP crew.

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    Love OT so much! Would love longer episodes tho, 25-30 mins. Keep up the great work guys! <3

  • Charles Smith

    I miss the old overtime, with longer episodes and more relaxed conversation.

  • Average Jellybean

    as many others have said, longer OT videos would be amazing. The last 3 or 4 OTs have felt rushed and i’d love to see the longer videos again.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni  +87

    OT is your best show by far, y’all ran through this like you were trying to get it over with lol. You should be doing this show twice a month along with your other videos.

  • David Flores

    I’m so happy Tyler got too spin the wheel after that Top 10.

  • Biscuit Boy

    Im so happy that over all the years Dude Perfect hasn't expired like some creators. Still got amazing energy, still got millions of views per video and still funny.

  • Pringles U.S.

    Great work, Ty! You get our official stamp of approval on your Pringle Ringle.

  • Angela White

    Really miss when they had more banter; at the end of the day that’s why so many of us enjoy Dude Perfect. Bring back the in between segments and let each segment breathe instead of rushing everything along. Dude Perfect is at its best when it feels like we’re seeing five friends hanging out, not when the video just shows us the bare minimum of each segment.

  • GrayMalu
    GrayMalu  +72

    I love dude perfect and they used to have amazing videos. Their last few videos have been edited poorly. I loved when there was more banter and it feels like they just have been trying to get the videos over with. Even though I do not enjoy that the videos have been cut down of the banter, I will still watch because the dudes do very cool things.

  • itsRakesh
    itsRakesh Il y a 7 heures

    The entire top 10 I was laughing so much. And the time when Ty went bouncing cuz the bottle flew was golden

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad Il y a 14 jours

    It’s amazing how the DP crew listens to the fans and how all of us liked the old videos better, this is one of the reasons Dude Perfect is the best, because they care about our enjoyment. I’m glad they brought the overtimes back to normal

  • Osura Caldera

    Most entertaining combination of segments !! Enjoyed so much guys. Loved the soda bath, loved ty's face when the name comes out of the fish, etc. You guys save me emotionally every time, Thanks so much.

  • Shaggy Tallboy

    Your videos are great and they were even better when they were longer and not rushed. Don't listen to the algorithms that say they need to be short, that's only for people that don't make the same quality videos that you guys do.

  • miou joer

    I respect everyone who were involved in this , seriously the best piece that I ' ve ever seen on FRclip ,Hats of the Well All ! Love your videos

  • Charlie Reader
    Charlie Reader Il y a 14 jours +2

    Ty’s childlike joy when the 2 liter launched like a rocket was so wholesome

  • Mossy Productions

    My last respect for Ty evaporated when he eliminated the root beers. It was damaged before in the candy top 10 but now it's all gone. We need a new host for that segment