World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

  • Ajoutée 15 mai 2016
  • It's time to break some recs! (records)
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Commentaires • 83 486

  • AlexB2G
    AlexB2G Il y a 6 ans +60

    These guys should get a world record for breaking the most world records in one video.

  • Felipe Marcel Maahs
    Felipe Marcel Maahs Il y a 2 ans +5

    Guinness guy broke the record for giving more Guinness frames in a day

  • Lol 1.2
    Lol 1.2 Il y a an +3

    I remember watching this 4 years ago and freaking out

  • skvyy
    skvyy Il y a an +620

    Cody's longest blindfolded trickshot is by far my favorite one you guys have done, mostly because he did it on the first take lo

  • JanZenooB
    JanZenooB Il y a an +2

    Anyone not notice that they've never let Michael finish his sentence?😂😂

  • Andrew Lawrence
    Andrew Lawrence Il y a an +781

    It’s so freaking epic how Cody made the longest blindfolded basketball shot on the first try.

  • Mitch Brown
    Mitch Brown Il y a 2 ans +4

    Cody hitting that shot on his first try is still one of the most incredible things to ever be on the internet.

  • ShinyPikaGaming
    ShinyPikaGaming Il y a 2 ans +2

    My favorite part about this is the poor Guinness guy just standing there while they all go YEAHHH!

  • theja
    theja Il y a an +80

    Mad respect for Dudeperfect guys. That's some real talent you guys got there and I would love to see the amazing outtakes and behind the scene clips

  • Haaland
    Haaland Il y a an +79

    I would LOVE to know how many attempts each shot takes. Great job guys! Killing it!

  • Amy Mitman
    Amy Mitman Il y a 2 ans +649

    That was either Michael's best or worst day on the job.

  • Lord Failure
    Lord Failure Il y a 14 jours +1

    Cody drilling that blindfolded shot first try has to be one of the best things anyone has done in the history of sports

  • Cole Bunge
    Cole Bunge Il y a 6 ans +1

    This is single handedly the craziest most impressive dude perfect episode I've ever seen

  • Rai Star
    Rai Star Il y a 2 ans +11


  • Mitansh Maheshwari
    Mitansh Maheshwari Il y a an +355

    I loved how Michael said "no way " at

  • Music Lore

    I just love how the ambassador that gives them the records is in awe every time they do something nuts. I probably would too if I was him.

  • Advait Chougule
    Advait Chougule Il y a 2 ans +306

    Cody should get world record for beating a world record in a first try

  • Salty
    Salty Il y a an +2

    5 years later and to me this is still insane.

  • Zach Boyd
    Zach Boyd Il y a 5 ans +480

    Seeing a Guinness world record official say, "No way" to a record attempt is now the highlight of my day.

  • fg4arth
    fg4arth Il y a 2 ans +143

    The first time I watched this was when I was in grade 7. Now I’m about to graduate high school. So crazy how time flies 🤟