Movie Theater Stereotypes

  • Ajoutée 11 mai 2014
  • No trip to the movies is complete without these guys.
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Commentaires • 46 051

  • Rusken
    Rusken Il y a 8 ans +2

    You forgot the "Already seen it guy who continuously says "This part's awesome" throughout the movie"

  • Jeremy Bonilla
    Jeremy Bonilla Il y a an +1

    i just want a taste not even a bite just a taste

  • Zee-Bruh
    Zee-Bruh Il y a an +610

    dont you just love how they get right into the stereotypes no intro no nothing just right into it

  • Gabriel Shen

    The fact that this is almost indistinguishable from the stereotypes that were created recently shows how high quality this was back in the days of 2014

  • HqcL
    HqcL Il y a an +429

    These stereotype videos have aged like a fine wine. :)

  • Oscar Phillips

    7 years later this still is one of my favorite FRclip videos

  • Smokestar Rules
    Smokestar Rules Il y a 2 ans +436

    As someone who works at a theatre, this is completely accurate.

  • ~Domain~
    ~Domain~ Il y a an +152

    I love Cody’s reactions and acting

  • Vc Legend
    Vc Legend Il y a an +677

    The straw in the popcorn so the butter gets in is actually genius why didn’t I think of that

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly Il y a an +144

    Cory cosplaying as Harry Potter is something I never knew I needed.

  • sheila thomas
    sheila thomas Il y a an +124

    I remember me and my family actually got to go see Paddington 2 in the movie theater was completely empty so we just had we could talk as loud as we wanted and we could straight up just do whatever we wanted we put our feet up it was amazing

  • LoRd PeEp

    I like how at the “Mr Jumpy” scene when they get up to leave everyone is still sitting implying that they left early because he was too scared 🤣

  • Krish Chandel
    Krish Chandel Il y a 4 ans +302

    I’m a completely new stereotype, I’m the quiet guy who just enjoys the movie and gets sleepy but stays awake

  • Sasuke Uchiha SHORTS
    Sasuke Uchiha SHORTS Il y a an +2

    Better than an actual movie...

  • MrPaladan03
    MrPaladan03 Il y a 2 ans +56

    "Put my Grandma back Tye" LOL The Rage Monster always gets me

  • Miss Renee OT

    Thank you for these hilarious videos! I use them to address social skills with my older students. They love them!! 😁

  • Derek mikolajczak
    Derek mikolajczak Il y a an +30

    8 years later and this is still my favorite video ever

  • GreenToast

    8 years, still love this

  • Shane Ballesteros
    Shane Ballesteros Il y a 7 ans +4

    You guys should do camping stereotypes! Here are some ideas:

  • XSkywolfX
    XSkywolfX Il y a an +4

    This should be played before movies as an example. People would silence their phones.