Water Bottle Flip Edition | Dude Perfect

  • Ajoutée 17 juil. 2016
  • It's time to flip some water bottles!
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Commentaires • 100 706

  • SolariDaStoobid
    SolariDaStoobid Il y a 2 ans +2

    it doesn't matter when you watch it, be it when it first comes out or 4 years later, dude perfect never gets old

  • Samoht
    Samoht Il y a an +427

    I'm proud to say this is how I discovered DP in 2016 and made my life 10x better

  • CoolBowser
    CoolBowser Il y a an +107

    I truly feel like this is the greatest DP video of all time. Best music, Best trick shots, best comedy skit. Pure. Perfection.

  • Andrew Short

    It’s amazing to see the old tricks done in the DPHQ2 before anyone knew it was going to become their new place

  • njdonovan
    njdonovan Il y a an +3

    This song was stuck in my head for a long long time now I just randomly stumbled upon this video and now it’s stuck in my head again

  • Bobert Johnson

    Years later, Garrett’s “alternate” interview advice at the end is still classic.

  • 2manyco_oks
    2manyco_oks Il y a 6 ans +257

    You should definitely release blooper videos, I'm sure they'd be really funny

  • Max Rosenblum
    Max Rosenblum Il y a 2 ans +16

    No matter what, DP never ceases to keep us entertained 😤

  • Mathias B.
    Mathias B. Il y a 2 ans +10

    This is still one of my favorite videos from Dude Perfect. Mainly because everything was just better back then. Everything has just grotten downhill for me ever since😓

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Il y a an +742

    back when life was so simple😪🤧

  • Vangant
    Vangant Il y a 2 ans +512

    the nostalgia...

  • Yasien Shafik
    Yasien Shafik Il y a an +5

    The way the editors timeted the filming with the music is absolutely and utterly flawless ...i couldnt have imagened it any greater ...fantastic job from the dp crew..keep it up👍

    SCOTTY INSPIAR Il y a 6 ans +68

    I don't think half the people watching this have any conceivable idea how HARD these all were! I give HUGE props Dude Perfect! God bless, CrazyKid

  • Timo
    Timo Il y a an +8

    Cant believe its been 4 years. This is still one of my fav dude perfect videos

  • MattVKW
    MattVKW Il y a an +47

    you always gotta come back to this every once in awhile

  • PuCCi_SEQ

    Not only did this music seal my addiction to DP it also introduced me to the awesome musicians- the score whom I've been listening to ever since

  • DevRaj Chhetri
    DevRaj Chhetri Il y a 2 ans

    Already 4 years but still can't get over it..

  • Darksoul 69
    Darksoul 69 Il y a an +593

    I remembered that this is when i first discovered dude perfect

  • Dania Navarro
    Dania Navarro Il y a 5 ans +157

    1 year and still the best water bottle video ever :))

  • Brian Peace
    Brian Peace Il y a an +11

    If I'm being honest, you guys look like you are having WAAAAAAY more fun in this video than some of your newer ones.