Cup Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  • Ajoutée 18 févr. 2022
  • Cups are the new water bottles! Our hardest trick shot video ever 😅
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    “Keep It Moving"
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    Written by Adam Smeaton
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    Courtesy of Riptide Music Group
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Commentaires • 11 947

  • Dude Perfect

    As the bloopers at the end show, this one was hard 😅

  • That'll Work

    Solo cup shots are WAAAAY underrated for difficulty. I have literally spent 18 hours on one single shot. Mad respect for you guys.

  • lotyzi
    lotyzi  +401

    It's crazy to think this group of friends one day just decided to record themselves throwing basketballs into a hoop in creative ways, and now they are where they are. Much love for the awesome entertainment for so many years.

  • BroOnYT
    BroOnYT  +112

    The amount of patience that goes into this is minding blowing, I appreciate the hard work guys keep it up!

  • Bretton Scrima da Roma

    I love how happy Coby looks even while screaming, "No!" multiple times.

  • Nixx
    Nixx  +73

    I'd love to watch a live stream on the days they create this just to see how long it actually takes

  • zaysfn
    zaysfn  +38

    Bro the amount of time and effort y’all put into your videos is just amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • BlueNexus

    Seeing as how the cups can wildly change direction, this is a most impressive collection of trick shots!

  • Jose Luis Pinar

    Almost 13 years later and these guys are still putting out some of the most impressive videos on FRclip. Insane.

  • Capp00
    Capp00  +831

    That last blooper should've been called the "needs a cup" shot lol.

  • rebecca selkirk

    It’s crazy that the cup often spin backwards or go a different direction, and still able to make it look easy.

  • Nika Abashidze

    That pleasant feeling when every single shot matches the music 🎶 Great job dudes!

  • Pens and Piping

    These were insanely impressive shots!

  • Josh Horton

    Cup trick shots are insanely frustrating! I’m sure this was a beast to film. Well done! 👏🏻

  • Stone L
    Stone L  +3

    The amazing point about DP trickshots is that you can feel the same excitement and happiness as those dudes when they make the shot.

  • Matthew

    We also gotta appreciate the editors and all they due to make the music match the trick shots, it's all put together beautifully.

  • Prof. CoolBoy's Family Fun

    100% respect for doing an entire trick shot video for this!! JUST ONE cup trick shot is hard enough. P.S the one across the stairs is mind blowing.

  • Owen Plaster

    You guys have amazed us all.. AGAIN!! Not only with the skills but the patience! Great job guys! Never gets old

  • Justin Horsley

    Blows me away how athletic and confident Tyler is

  • Isabella Zhu

    You guys have earned my respect. Keep on going dudes and never give up!