Unpredictable Trick Shots 2

  • Ajoutée 18 mars 2022
  • Bet you can't guess a single shot in this video!
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    “Legend in the Making”
    Performed by Jamie Lono
    Written by Justin Beckler, Jamie Lono, Emily Kopp
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Commentaires • 7 458

  • Dude Perfect

    Which shot surprised you guys most??

  • Multicubing

    I’m glad some bloopers are included. It helps to show how difficult these shots really are!

  • Cam Larocque

    To think... I've been watching Ty and Dude Perfect for almost 12 years now. It gives me a nice feeling inside knowing a great group of guys became successful and STILL pump videos out like there's no tomorrow. Love everything about this group. Always have, always will

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +575

    Dude Perfect never stops to amaze

  • Walid Kiblawi

    Not gonna lie, you guys are absolutely incredible. The fact that you all have been friends making videos this long, and still maintaining the awesome streak is just… fantastic.

  • David Connelly

    Honestly, the amount of patience it takes to keep doing trick shots after so many years.... They deserve a gold medal.

  • Texas Trick Shots

    Y’all should make more unpredictable trick shots. They are so fun to watch

  • Jesser
    Jesser  +1

    It gets more insane every time these videos

  • Xavier
    Xavier  +737

    I love how they are constantly elevating their videos! A lot of these shots I was not expecting

  • PattyJManUtd4L

    They will never disappoint us we can all agree

  • Cooper Brown

    This was my favorite DP video in the last year! Very well done guys!!

  • NAB
    NAB  +62

    I love how they are switching things up. This series is gonna be dope!

  • M Sam
    M Sam  +9

    Banger as usual 💪.. literally takes the 'never let them know your next move' to a whole different level 😂

  • Lonely Sandwich

    These trick shot ideas keep getting better and better every time!

  • KingBlue
    KingBlue  +27

    Some of these shots had me confused and going back to watch over and over! Awesome video. Dude perfect never fails to make great entertaining content!

  • mmpj twod

    These are so unpredictable! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  • That'll Work

    My favorite was Garrett sitting in the cup almost getting drilled 🤣🤣

  • Zach Catselbow

    This series and channel is great, keep doing more of these!👍

  • shams akhtar


  • Cassie

    It's amazing when bloopers are included. This shows the effort put in by the guys and how difficult these shots are!