Cup Throwing Trick Shots are HARD

  • Ajoutée 8 févr. 2022
  • How satisfying is that make at the end?! Sneak peek at our FIRST EVER Red Cup Trick Shots video, launching in just over a week!

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  • StrikerFury

    Sparky's parents later: What happened to our grandchildren?

  • Mirza Mahim

    I could already see ty saying, “THIS IS THE NUT 🥜 SHOT”

  • Zeecesium
    Zeecesium  +47

    Sparky: "i made the cup trickshot!"

  • Dragon Slayer

    This is great I love the blooper real especially when sparky gets hit in the “you know what”

  • corals
    corals  +47


  • Akshadha Waghmode

    Lol, when I saw that cup hit Sparky I felt the pain 😂

  • Trick Shot Dudes

    You should totally do a vid on cup trick shots 👌👍👏

  • The Nadj Fam

    I'm just laughing when it hits Sparky 🤣🤣

  • Mr Almond

    Can we all appreciate that sparky went through so much pain for this one trick shot.

  • UpperLeft RC

    Oh the nut shot! I felt that one in my soul 🥲

  • Andrew Michos

    His reaction in the first clip and the crotch shot was amazing! Hahaha love Sparky! And Ty of course!

  • Keane Baker

    I can’t imagine the feeling of accomplishment when it finally goes in the cup. Can’t wait to see the full video!

  • OlivePlays
    OlivePlays  +357

    It’s nice that he kept going even after the incident…

  • A!rhead 🇺🇸

    The dedication in these dudes is really inspiring! :) keep up the great work dudes! jesus loves all!

  • Uribo Official Videos

    I just wonder how much times this takes to get recorded

  • Wetfur
    Wetfur  +505

    They get really pumped up when they make it

  • Seth Boden

    I love how Sparky barely reacts at first when it gets in

  • 최재환

    거길 맞다닠ㅋ

  • Mark SW
    Mark SW  +70


  • snowball
    snowball  +67