Real Life Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  • Ajoutée 24 mai 2017
  • Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Commentaires • 94 531

  • Pongfinity
    Pongfinity Il y a 5 ans +3397

    One of the best trick shot videos. So much creativity and a huge amount of clips, awesome job!

  • Sanity Lyric Video
    Sanity Lyric Video Il y a 6 mois +77

    4 years from now and this still the most legendary video on FRclip!

    • KID Z4P
      KID Z4P Il y a 16 jours

      The Daily Life of Dude Perfect.

    • Solar Swxli
      Solar Swxli Il y a 2 mois +2

      @Suzanne Herington fr!

    • Suzanne Herington
      Suzanne Herington Il y a 3 mois +2

      Its 5 years later, this vid is awesome

    • ANBLK
      ANBLK Il y a 4 mois +2

      Sanity can I add you in discord if you have?

  • Joffles
    Joffles Il y a 5 jours +2

    imagine how much easier life would be if everyone could reliably do things like this for everything

  • Gavin Carrico
    Gavin Carrico Il y a 11 mois +16

    can we all just agree that this is by far the most impressive trick shot video that they've made?

    • KID Z4P
      KID Z4P Il y a 16 jours

      Daily Life: Dude Perfect Edition.

  • N
    N Il y a 3 mois +3

    This was awesome! Well done guys!!!

  • Durpo
    Durpo Il y a 5 ans +12321

    How easy would life be if you nailed these trick shots every time

    ANIMATIONEERS Il y a 5 mois +13

    This has got to be my favorite Dude Perfect video ever!

    • KID Z4P
      KID Z4P Il y a 16 jours

      Dude Perfect’s daily life.

  • Venomous Ninja
    Venomous Ninja Il y a 7 mois +5

    Dude Perfect Keep up the AMAZING trick shots you inspire me Keep these video's coming!🌟🌟❤

  • Becky Pyle
    Becky Pyle Il y a 10 mois +2

    My favorite shot was when Garret did the soccer ball into the basket. You guys are incredible keep up the halarious and awesome work

  • John Aiden Sullano
    John Aiden Sullano Il y a 2 mois +3

    Its 2022 now, and this video was probably my first Dude Perfect video. Looking back, time really lies. I'm just here for nostalgic music.

  • Brodie Smith
    Brodie Smith Il y a 5 ans +3778

    This was awesome! Well done guys!!!

    • Christi Gideon
      Christi Gideon Il y a 2 mois

      Hiiiiiiii I love how you do it

    • William Lamperis
      William Lamperis Il y a 3 mois

      Hey brody I saw you doing trick shot and wow I can't believe it tell the dude perfect hi for me please and let me know thanks William Lamperis

    • MV Farner
      MV Farner Il y a 6 mois

      Hi brodie

    • Kitty
      Kitty Il y a 6 mois


    • حيدوري حيدوري حبي
      حيدوري حيدوري حبي Il y a 6 mois

      @Teebowzz 0

  • The Gunderson Family
    The Gunderson Family Il y a 10 mois +15

    Weird Things:
    Cody nailed every one in his Closet except shutting the light of, not doing a Shot, and Garrett has a Coaster with him at all times.

  • AviationWorld75
    AviationWorld75 Il y a 7 mois

    I love their energy. Unbelievable

  • Dyrroth
    Dyrroth Il y a 7 mois +6

    Oh yes, my first ever watched video by Dude Perfect ever since I discovered Nerf collaborating with DP. This bring so much nostalgia, thanks my dudes!

  • Punya’s 🌎🌎World
    Punya’s 🌎🌎World Il y a 4 mois

    These guys are awesome 😎 well done

  • emma louise
    emma louise Il y a 5 ans +771

    These are better than your usual trickshots I loved them!!

  • caroline montgomery
    caroline montgomery Il y a 3 mois

    Still one of my favorite channels on YT ever

  • Luuk Wientjes
    Luuk Wientjes Il y a 3 mois

    I like to see that everything is going well and I really like the challanges you do, but how long did they all take?

  • Sanskar Singh
    Sanskar Singh Il y a 8 mois +4

    Legend says Garrett is still reminding Ty to use the coaster

  • iBeastFelix
    iBeastFelix Il y a 8 mois +2

    I love the real life trick shots because
    These are so easy to do and panda is featured a lot

  • CrispySock ^-^
    CrispySock ^-^ Il y a 11 mois +675

    0:44 I love how Cory is just casually watering the plants while Ty starts the grill, but really he's there so that if the grass is on fire he can hose it off🤣

    • Besties Gaming Forever
      Besties Gaming Forever Il y a mois

      u so smart

    • 芳余
      芳余 Il y a 2 mois +1

      我們不知道要不然你有!!!!!🏋🏻!口 o🪳🕷🕸🪰🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🥺🥺😭😞😡😱😨😮

    • 芳余
      芳余 Il y a 2 mois +1


    • Matthew Stevens
      Matthew Stevens Il y a 2 mois +1


    • CrispySock ^-^
      CrispySock ^-^ Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Dung Phan I know a lot of people commented this, but I actually realized it before reading the comments 😅

  • Allison Antoine
    Allison Antoine Il y a 2 mois

    Thanks for sharing this video. I loved it.

  • SaiyanArc
    SaiyanArc Il y a 9 mois +2

    Love Your Trick Shots!

  • Denise McCormick
    Denise McCormick Il y a 7 mois

    If only I could do all of these amazing trick shots to make life so easy

  • Active Crown
    Active Crown Il y a mois

    Still my favourite video after 5 years.

  • Bob Loganberry
    Bob Loganberry Il y a an +2480

    Imagine how easy your life would be if you did this all the time with out failing

  • Calook 13
    Calook 13 Il y a 10 mois

    Life would be so much more efficient if we could always consistently hit these.

  • Maggie Ellerbrock
    Maggie Ellerbrock Il y a 2 mois

    Love how I just noticed in the shot of ty throwing the match in the grill Cory is watering the plants in case he missed and set the yard on fire 😂😂😂

  • Reesekat
    Reesekat Il y a 8 mois +2

    I like how you can nail the trick shots but not turn off the light😂

  • ERRORoki_焦凍シ
    ERRORoki_焦凍シ Il y a 11 mois +1

    If only if we could always do trickshots in our daily lives, our lives would be so much easier

  • Is It Just Me???
    Is It Just Me??? Il y a 2 ans +558

    What some people don't realize is the effort going into these shots. We must respect that!

    • Otis Calikes
      Otis Calikes Il y a 2 ans


    • Charlie Payne
      Charlie Payne Il y a 2 ans

      Respect? Jeez. Respect is easily earned these days hey. 🤨

    • Crazy Rc
      Crazy Rc Il y a 2 ans +3

      Its Dude Respect now 😂😂😂

    • Gino Lorenzo
      Gino Lorenzo Il y a 2 ans

      Your standards for respect must be really low

    • Marauder252
      Marauder252 Il y a 2 ans +1

      Must be a nightmare, a real sausage fest in that house.

  • Skid And Pump
    Skid And Pump Il y a 2 mois

    I love how Cory is casually watering the plants at 0:44 and looking at Ty doing the trick shot while he’s putting on the fire I believe so that if he misses the trick shot instead of the fire and goes to the grass Cory will put it out with the hose.Second while the last coaster trick shot when Garrett says “hey did you shave?” and then Ty says “indeed I did” you can see him “hacking” because it says access granted at 3:46

  • Hyperfox
    Hyperfox Il y a 11 mois +51

    Cobs: “This is the lazy dishwasher loader shot”
    The song: “get on up!”

  • {[🧸SugarCubeGaming🧸]}
    {[🧸SugarCubeGaming🧸]} Il y a 9 mois +1

    Life would be so much easier this way if everyone was this talented 😭😂

  • Anurag Tumane
    Anurag Tumane Il y a 9 mois +1

    Trick shots can be exciting to view but challenging to implement.

  • Shattered Akuma
    Shattered Akuma Il y a 5 ans +834

    This was definitely the coolest episode of dude perfect I've seen, terrific work guys!

    • Tyler Dumas
      Tyler Dumas Il y a 5 ans +1

      Cheese Cookie

    • Max Korn
      Max Korn Il y a 5 ans

      u know this realy old video named just a normal day ? its way better made but i think u cant find it anymore

    • Abdul Wahab
      Abdul Wahab Il y a 5 ans +1


    • Epic Warriors25
      Epic Warriors25 Il y a 5 ans +2

      That was a awesome vid guys

    • Carmen Soyos
      Carmen Soyos Il y a 5 ans +1

      Cheese Cookie m

  • Rockinroxy
    Rockinroxy Il y a 11 mois +4

    0:45 I love how Cory has a hose to put out a fire and spray ty in the face when he misses😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


    This was awesome! Well done guys!!!

  • Acene7ic
    Acene7ic Il y a 2 mois

    Dude, after 5 years, it is still popular video. I remember when I was watching in 2018. Nostalgia.

  • XGameplay
    XGameplay Il y a 10 mois

    The collab we are all waiting for!!

  • Seth
    Seth Il y a 5 ans +487

    definitely one of their coolest videos yet.

  • X-Venture Gaming
    X-Venture Gaming Il y a 8 jours

    4:21 It's taken me 3 years (since I first watched this video) to realise how perfectly timed that celebration was to that "Hey!" In the song! 😎😂

  • Roxanne wolf
    Roxanne wolf Il y a 5 mois +1

    My favourite trick shots were two coaster ones I love how Garretts was like "TY COASTER!" LOL so funny

  • Super golfer
    Super golfer Il y a 7 mois +1

    I would love my life if every time I could do this😂

  • Cubinator
    Cubinator Il y a mois +1

    3:37 I love Cory’s expression when he sees it

  • Colorsplash Draws
    Colorsplash Draws Il y a 5 ans +377

    You can tell they're so hyped when they get the trick shot. Just imagine how many times they'd have to try to get every single thing where it's supposed to go. We need a blooper video. XD

    • Redbull Da best
      Redbull Da best Il y a 5 ans

      Achievemon! Agreed. 1 because you can tell there was someone behind the hamper because it would never shut like that. 2 when the lid on the hamper lid fell it was delayed so yeah. you where right. picking up what I'm laying down.

    • Ajayi Emmanuel
      Ajayi Emmanuel Il y a 5 ans +2

      Colorsplash Draws

    • Chievesan
      Chievesan Il y a 5 ans +3

      This video... Bullshit

    • Kane K
      Kane K Il y a 5 ans +1

      Colorsplash Draws We've been over this in every trick shot video...

    • Fobtop 06
      Fobtop 06 Il y a 5 ans

      Colorsplash Draws that's what my brother said lol

  • Jamison Taylor
    Jamison Taylor Il y a mois

    I Love These Real Life Trick Shots

  • charlotte luistro
    charlotte luistro Il y a 10 mois

    Old memories finally found this video :D

  • Camille Xiao
    Camille Xiao Il y a 11 mois +3

    I love how during the grill shot with ty someone was already prepared with a fire extinguisher

  • Niamh O'Connor
    Niamh O'Connor Il y a 3 jours +1

    Trickshots are great, but all I can think about is how perfectly these guys fit the stereotype of your average American "dude"

  • Gavin Tan
    Gavin Tan Il y a 5 ans +159

    This was one of the best videos in a while. It was so creative and awesome. Definitely looking for a part 2.

    • Cojopuff
      Cojopuff Il y a 5 ans +1

      GavinTan so agreed

  • Bingley ♪
    Bingley ♪ Il y a 8 mois

    Props to the editors here, they made a song less than two minutes long last for 3 times its length of the actual song for the video.

  • Tajlyn Reaves
    Tajlyn Reaves Il y a 9 mois

    These were amazing trick shots

  • Harley Angeles
    Harley Angeles Il y a 5 mois

    I wish dude perfect never end
    Watching since 2017

  • Kacper pro
    Kacper pro Il y a 8 mois

    I LOVE IT!!! 😎

  • Mahir Cave
    Mahir Cave Il y a 4 ans +1982

    What's even more impressive is their patience to try that often

  • Random
    Random Il y a 5 mois

    I never knew panda’s can trick shot as well 😂😂😂

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes Il y a 17 jours

    This is my favorite trick shot video of all time!!!

  • Nothing Is Impossible
    Nothing Is Impossible Il y a 8 mois +1


  • bharati bharati
    bharati bharati Il y a 6 mois

    That video was so awesome 👌

  • Fahed Khalaf
    Fahed Khalaf Il y a 5 ans +1744

    I wish this video could never end!!

    • Owen McDougall
      Owen McDougall Il y a mois

      Sus amog us

    • MrPickles
      MrPickles Il y a 2 ans

      Well I just saw this as the video enderd

    • Best beast
      Best beast Il y a 3 ans

      I know ait is Great Just Like that Comment.

    • randall napier
      randall napier Il y a 3 ans

      Any small FRcliprs out there wanna subscribe eachother leggowww!

    • Wolfado
      Wolfado Il y a 3 ans

      Fahed Khalaf same

  • Hyperfox
    Hyperfox Il y a 3 heures

    I like how panda just had a random corn hole bag in his bed 😂

  • Anderson mehrle
    Anderson mehrle Il y a 9 mois +1

    I am your biggest fan, and thanks to your amazing videos it has inspired me to do my own trick shot channel

  • Samchop
    Samchop Il y a 6 mois +1

    This was my first dude perfect video ever and I just remember thinking that this was how you lived your lives

  • Benjamin Savlov
    Benjamin Savlov Il y a 8 mois

    Me and my family deeply enjoyed this video

  • Sam Doctor
    Sam Doctor Il y a 2 ans +830

    I wish there was a universe where everyone could actually do this. Life would be much easier

    • BR
      BR Il y a 5 mois


    • Ali Raza
      Ali Raza Il y a 9 mois


    • Chonger296
      Chonger296 Il y a 2 ans

      I mean everyone can, it just takes an insane amount of tries

    • David Aguilar
      David Aguilar Il y a 2 ans

      Its called heaven

    • I’m back
      I’m back Il y a 2 ans

      Go to America

  • Rorza169
    Rorza169 Il y a 8 mois +1

    Ever since Tyler did the shopping trolley trick shot that was what I did every time I went shopping.

  • Bella snith
    Bella snith Il y a 2 mois +1

    It is cool how they make it so easily

  • DeepAngle
    DeepAngle Il y a mois

    Y’all need to do a 1st try edition where all of your trick shots have to be first try :)

  • Scrubby_0
    Scrubby_0 Il y a 6 mois +1

    That is literally the first shopping cart I've seem without squeaky wheels or have a problem .

  • Quando jackson
    Quando jackson Il y a 5 ans +206

    This was byfar IMO one of the best videos I've watched in a while! This DP video was truly entertaining!

    • Amanda Burt
      Amanda Burt Il y a 3 ans

      Ha Ha

    • Kevin Knop
      Kevin Knop Il y a 5 ans

      jaquan jackson I totally agree😜

    • Hunter
      Hunter Il y a 5 ans +1

      Useless Channel .. the last one... that was pretty impressive

    • Riley McDonald
      Riley McDonald Il y a 5 ans +1

      jaquan jackson i think that they are overreacting because these arnt efen too hard to do

    • donoitsusrefgwewgrer
      donoitsusrefgwewgrer Il y a 5 ans +2


  • xXGamerXx
    xXGamerXx Il y a 7 mois

    If you could do this every day it would be so helpful

  • Leo Worrall
    Leo Worrall Il y a 8 mois

    0:39 this one definitely had the most swag

  • SlothPlayz
    SlothPlayz Il y a 7 mois

    this brings so many memories

  • Alphin Bibin
    Alphin Bibin Il y a 9 mois

    I want to be like them when I'm older

  • Nathan Hong
    Nathan Hong Il y a 5 ans +64

    Probably some of the best trick shots I have seen on this channel... AWESOME!

    • Cade Guidera
      Cade Guidera Il y a 5 ans +1

      Nathan Hong I know it was impressive

  • Rapid Clips
    Rapid Clips Il y a 8 mois

    I love how Cory was holding the water hose wall Ty was doing his trick shot

  • Adrielle Rico
    Adrielle Rico Il y a 9 mois

    When i was a child I found them so cool and now I still find them so cool

  • Yzabel Dela Paz
    Yzabel Dela Paz Il y a 4 mois +1

    Coby looks younger than I thought!

  • King Relbag
    King Relbag Il y a 3 mois

    Crazy to think that I watched this video when it first came out and it has already been 5 years.

  • Ryan Skingley
    Ryan Skingley Il y a 5 ans +416

    Please do a second version of real life trick shots!!!! I loved this video

  • Rojan Tan
    Rojan Tan Il y a 7 mois

    I love how panda is wiping even though its a mascot hahah

  • L0v3_h4t3r
    L0v3_h4t3r Il y a 9 mois +1

    We only can say : "Perfect!"

  • Mary Paz Abad
    Mary Paz Abad Il y a 7 mois

    I still like how you guys do a hard trick shot then you guys are just calm like its just a normal day

  • Shannon Wik
    Shannon Wik Il y a 3 mois

    2:54 Cody makes 3 trick shots but can’t hit the light switch! 🤣

  • Palmerater
    Palmerater Il y a 5 ans +18913

    These are the kind of things you do accidently when no one else is around and just wish you had a way to record everything you ever did.

  • Delaina Ridenour
    Delaina Ridenour Il y a 7 mois +1

    i have watched almost all of your vids so great

  • Wander Gaming
    Wander Gaming Il y a 9 mois

    I like how Ty shaved his beard halfway through the video lol

  • Pahadi VlogerWala
    Pahadi VlogerWala Il y a 6 mois

    These guys try one shot 10000 time.. they r hardworking. Respect them

  • 刘煜豪
    刘煜豪 Il y a 6 mois

    love it!

  • Boris Veličković
    Boris Veličković Il y a 5 ans +746

    *_WE WANT PART 2!!!_** :)*

      CƠM CHỒNG NẤU Il y a 4 ans

      Welcome all people! Guys welcome to my DIY channel

    • Aasdeq
      Aasdeq Il y a 5 ans

      BorisHD bioi

    • Teresa Brophy
      Teresa Brophy Il y a 5 ans

      None have to do with me and my brother jis my father is the best I have seen and I am not going out of it with

    • Tseku Tseku
      Tseku Tseku Il y a 5 ans +1


    • NoObMaStEr70
      NoObMaStEr70 Il y a 5 ans

      The last one

  • Chandan Gusain
    Chandan Gusain Il y a 5 mois

    Unbelievable 👏👏👌👌

  • Fun! with animals and trick shots

    Love your videos

  • Kami Art
    Kami Art Il y a 11 mois

    Unbelievable.... I watch again and again and again..... Really cool..... 👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Brian Roper
    Brian Roper Il y a 3 mois

    ty should thank garret for helping him use a coaster. well done gar

  • Quinn Alexander
    Quinn Alexander Il y a 5 ans +434

    This is one of my favourite DP vids. It was just so casual and the shots were sick.

    • Quinn Alexander
      Quinn Alexander Il y a 5 ans

      I believe you just said it

    • Max and Jake
      Max and Jake Il y a 5 ans

      No one says SICK anymore

    • Fern Fern
      Fern Fern Il y a 5 ans

      Quack Cricket 420 like on ur comment

    • Chris Clow
      Chris Clow Il y a 5 ans

      Quack Cricket
      I love how casual they are in most of them! It's like oh yea I've done the trick before

    • Marina Ayers
      Marina Ayers Il y a 5 ans

      Quack Cric

  • Shawn Heng
    Shawn Heng Il y a mois

    For the one when Tyler throws a fire into the grill behind, I wonder if this trick set the lawn on fire when it failed

  • Amber Brill
    Amber Brill Il y a 7 mois

    I was a sub ever since 12k keep up the great work

  • Matrix 4
    Matrix 4 Il y a 3 mois

    Imagine if you had someone like this in real life.

  • Storm Studio
    Storm Studio Il y a 2 mois +1

    4:32 Hawkeye would be so proud